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European Finance and Trade Corporation SA was established in 1994. Our central offices are located in a private area of 90000 sq.m. next to Gdansk airport in Poland. Long term experience in variety fields of businesses like rent and management of real estates, trade and finance associated with exquisite knowledge of regional and European markets, allowed our company to create a unique offer on the dynamically growing market of business spaces of Tricity.

Currently developed project of the Industrial Park as the sole in the Pomeranian region is both dedicated to small and medium enterprises. Envisaging building for sale, rent and combined projects like Joint-Venture of business spaces, not limiting the role of EFTC to a real-estate developer.

Competitiveness of the Industrial Park project lies in establishing a group of business spaces where companies from different branches would have the possibility to combine their experiences, know-how, contacts resulting in their higher revenues and lower costs simultaneously maintaining their complete privacy.

In 2012 we expanded in Greece, developing a dealership with main activity in tourism. We built a complex of apartments in Mykonos island and our goal was to provide luxury vacations in apartment-style hotel, giving our guests comfort and ease.
We managed to create 2 beautiful sea view buildings, fully equipped with all the amenities you need for you and your family. Latest technology that can make you feel comfortable as if you were inside your home.
We invite you to explore Greece through our property and feel how we think hospitality should be.