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It was almost in the 50's when Mykonos started to welcoming tourists from around the world. The famous Jet Set of that time discovered a small island in the Cyclades where they could have fun but also relax on the beaches that once where not that much crowed as today. As the years passed away the locals improved their services in order to be able to accept more guests from all over the world. Luxury hotels can now offer accommodation for everyone, providing services equal to many of the greatest hotels worldwide.

Nowadays most of the beaches are organized with sun beds, beach bars and restaurants so that you can enjoy your day everywhere you go. Restaurants and traditional taverns are also spread through town so you can taste the local cuisine or even international.

The nightlife is mentionable in Mykonos with many bars, mostly located in "Little Venice", that can make your nights memorable. One of the most famous bars in the world is located on the island and it's called Cavo Paradiso with many famous DJ's playing there every year.

There is nothing you can't do here. Either you want to relax or you want to party, either you want to taste the most complicated cocktails or tasting traditional local cuisine, Mykonos is the place for it.

The access to the island is easy either via the ferry line connected by the port of Piraeus or Rafina or by airplane with direct flights from the largests airports in the world, but also in response to the Athens International Airport, "Eleftherios Venizelos".